Monday, January 28, 2013

What's new..

Hi All,

Sorry it has been awhile since I have wrote….. Believe it or not things have been a bit quiet around these parts and that deems to be a good thing. My dad has brought back his dazzling sense of humor and quick wit with a few off color remarks here and there which makes us all happy because it gives us and him moments of perfect clarity. Papa's blood pressure remains a steady low, but not alarmingly low. He continues to indulge in the Food Network channel and as recently as Sunday had my mom up with the rooster to make bread…. Cravings.. that is what determines the day, not a bad thing, as the bread was so delicious and warm. Thanks for that one dad!!!!

Please continue to come and visit, whether it be the blog or our home. He is ALWAYS happy to see old friends, we ALL are actually….

Keep us in your prayers and know that we cherish each of you, and don't forget to smile when you think of Harry!!!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The News….

Good Evening,

Today was beautiful, bright, shiny and warm… looking out from the inside that is!!! Although the air was chilly enough to make you want to hibernate, Dad was up and alert and actively engaging throughout the whole day. Something that we have not seen for awhile!!! Brenda his nurse's aide came. She and my dad did their cat and mouse routine of "lets get you in the shower", and "it's to cold to take a shower", in the end, he get's clean then, complains that she made him cold and they are friends again!!!! School yard antics at there best, but we will take them all the same!!!!

My dad's brother Keith drove down from Monson, Ma. this morning and spent the day with us as well as a dear friend Sheila, followed up with an evening visit with Alicia Mathewson… It is alway neat when the least expected characters all end up in the same room and magic happens. Aunt Mary ( my mom's sister and side kick) made a final farewell ( she leaves back to Berkeley, CA tomorrow) dinner of Spagetti and sauce and we all enjoyed a warm meal on a bitter cold night.

As we were winding down the evening Papa had mentioned that he would like to start to cook again, a great thing to hear since he has not been in the mood for awhile… Mom told him he had to start walking first… in his best "Harryism", " what does that have to do with cooking?" He for sure found his sense of humor today, I would repeat some of the other one-liners, but at the chance of maybe offending a few folks I will keep them safe with myself and laugh out loud when I think of them!!! I am sure ya'll can conjure up a few of them on your own!!!

He will have a restful sleep after an action packed day, and he is still without pain. I left him with a smile on his face tonight and I hope you all go to bed with one to after thinking about Harry!

Good Night everybody and thanks for loving my dad XO


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goings on

It's 8 O'clock and all is well…..

We had a snow storm last night that promised to be a doozy and this morning it proved to be nothing more than a huge let down, for the kids at least….. School was not cancelled and everybody went back to business as usual. I came to the house and found Papa in his "heaven" ready for the day. Linda Power, a dear friend from years past came to visit, as well as the Hospice nurse and Libby our Pastor from St. Mary's. Dad has never had the fortune to meet Libby until now but thoroughly enjoyed her and her visit, actually, we all did. Today has been not filled with as many naps and more alert time which is great, however, tonight and tomorrow dad will feel the effects of that. Dad had a beautiful plate of Barnstable Oysters on the half shell, (his favorite) and a fresh Kurig cup of coffee… At this point he has had a bit of pain in his back but it could be mainly be from sitting and his blood pressure was a bit lower than normal, … either way we made him comfortable gave him more fluids and he is now nibbling on some Key lime pie (another favorite).

Not to much more to report, he is relaxing and surrounded by love, family and friendship. Please feel free to leave messages for him here, as we will read them to him, and thank you for your continued support and prayers.


Monday, January 21, 2013

afternoon update

Hi there,

Well we got through the game last night and when it was all said and done, my mom came into the room and asked my dad what he thought happened… he responded simply "the other team won" , A Harryism at its best!!!!! He had an uneventful evening and a good nights sleep.

This morning Brenda the nurse's aid came to hang with Papa, and my mom got a chance to get out for some fresh air and I am sure reflection. Our afternoon has been nice as Dad is hanging in his favorite leather chair in front of the roaring fireplace. His version of heaven thus far!!! He has enjoyed the random visits of friends today as well as he is surrounded by the sound of four excited girls running around.… Not mention the same old mugs that here everyday ( mine included) .

At this point there is no new news regarding a health update, other than, he is sleeping more, he is comfortable and at peace.

More tomorrow……….


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dad, mom & Thorie at Pat and Jenny's Wedding Sept 2012

Hi All,

Thorie here.. We are setting up a site for all of you to come and visit, comment and read. As you all realize by now, my father stopped updating about his chemotherapy appointments and weekly activity during this past years events. Hopefully as I fill you all in, I am able to do him proud and justice with my updates, anecdotes, and quick wit.... and not to many run on sentences!!!

As it stands now, my father has decided to forgo chemotherapy as he is getting weaker and it proves to be very hard on the body and wreak a bit of havoc. Hospice has now entered our lives and we are all surrounding my dad with family strength. He continues to show his "harryism's" everyday in some form or another, a one liner or continued desire to have anything involving heavy cream!! He is sleeping more and is not in pain, just peaceful.  That is all I have for now, but I will return tomorrow with more info. Please keep us all in your prayers and smile when you think of Harry!!!!


Papa and Kai

Warrior Face!!!

Harry and Sue at Kai's Christening

Dad's 72nd birthday

Harry Watch Hill

Harry Watch Hill Newport RI at Ocean House

Harry and Sue

Harry and Thorie - Burke

Harry and Thorie ~85' Burke Mountain Vt.