Monday, January 21, 2013

afternoon update

Hi there,

Well we got through the game last night and when it was all said and done, my mom came into the room and asked my dad what he thought happened… he responded simply "the other team won" , A Harryism at its best!!!!! He had an uneventful evening and a good nights sleep.

This morning Brenda the nurse's aid came to hang with Papa, and my mom got a chance to get out for some fresh air and I am sure reflection. Our afternoon has been nice as Dad is hanging in his favorite leather chair in front of the roaring fireplace. His version of heaven thus far!!! He has enjoyed the random visits of friends today as well as he is surrounded by the sound of four excited girls running around.… Not mention the same old mugs that here everyday ( mine included) .

At this point there is no new news regarding a health update, other than, he is sleeping more, he is comfortable and at peace.

More tomorrow……….


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    Send best wishes to Harry from "mans beat friend" I made a mix tape of Irish music one summer and I remember this one being one of Harry's favourites for serenading Sue. Ever the romantic! Greetings from chilly Saint Paul MN