Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goings on

It's 8 O'clock and all is well…..

We had a snow storm last night that promised to be a doozy and this morning it proved to be nothing more than a huge let down, for the kids at least….. School was not cancelled and everybody went back to business as usual. I came to the house and found Papa in his "heaven" ready for the day. Linda Power, a dear friend from years past came to visit, as well as the Hospice nurse and Libby our Pastor from St. Mary's. Dad has never had the fortune to meet Libby until now but thoroughly enjoyed her and her visit, actually, we all did. Today has been not filled with as many naps and more alert time which is great, however, tonight and tomorrow dad will feel the effects of that. Dad had a beautiful plate of Barnstable Oysters on the half shell, (his favorite) and a fresh Kurig cup of coffee… At this point he has had a bit of pain in his back but it could be mainly be from sitting and his blood pressure was a bit lower than normal, … either way we made him comfortable gave him more fluids and he is now nibbling on some Key lime pie (another favorite).

Not to much more to report, he is relaxing and surrounded by love, family and friendship. Please feel free to leave messages for him here, as we will read them to him, and thank you for your continued support and prayers.



  1. It was a lovely day and evening...

  2. Amazing entry, incredible amounts of love. Your dad, and your mom, are very very fortunate to have you.

  3. I will try this again. I am so glad to have the opportunity to tell you, Harry, that I am thinking about you. I am so glad you have your beloved Sue with you, and I hope that even on the darkest days that you can embrace the amazing LOVE coming at you from all directions. I want to thank you for bringing up such wonderful kids, most especially my angel, Thora Elizabeth! Thorie brightens my day whenever I see her and I know so much of the generous, loving,talented, intelligent, fun soul she is comes from you and Sue. Sending you oodles of love and comfort serenity and THANKS! Weezie Porter

  4. so happy to talk to you earlier, sending all my love.
    Most of my Cape memories involve you and Sue. I loved
    visiting you guys and eating lobsters and corn on the cob.
    Love, AJ

  5. Dont know if you can have them but a batch of "Nuts and
    Bolts" are at your disposable!!!!! just let me know and your fairy godmother (Mary LOL) will deliver!!!!