Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The News….

Good Evening,

Today was beautiful, bright, shiny and warm… looking out from the inside that is!!! Although the air was chilly enough to make you want to hibernate, Dad was up and alert and actively engaging throughout the whole day. Something that we have not seen for awhile!!! Brenda his nurse's aide came. She and my dad did their cat and mouse routine of "lets get you in the shower", and "it's to cold to take a shower", in the end, he get's clean then, complains that she made him cold and they are friends again!!!! School yard antics at there best, but we will take them all the same!!!!

My dad's brother Keith drove down from Monson, Ma. this morning and spent the day with us as well as a dear friend Sheila, followed up with an evening visit with Alicia Mathewson… It is alway neat when the least expected characters all end up in the same room and magic happens. Aunt Mary ( my mom's sister and side kick) made a final farewell ( she leaves back to Berkeley, CA tomorrow) dinner of Spagetti and sauce and we all enjoyed a warm meal on a bitter cold night.

As we were winding down the evening Papa had mentioned that he would like to start to cook again, a great thing to hear since he has not been in the mood for awhile… Mom told him he had to start walking first… in his best "Harryism", " what does that have to do with cooking?" He for sure found his sense of humor today, I would repeat some of the other one-liners, but at the chance of maybe offending a few folks I will keep them safe with myself and laugh out loud when I think of them!!! I am sure ya'll can conjure up a few of them on your own!!!

He will have a restful sleep after an action packed day, and he is still without pain. I left him with a smile on his face tonight and I hope you all go to bed with one to after thinking about Harry!

Good Night everybody and thanks for loving my dad XO



  1. Please tell Harry that Johns and Fezz are trying our best to keep all the riff raft off of Optiboard, but it's not easy without him! Also, we've been known to take road trips, and all that talk about Key Lime pie is enough for us to load up the old Volkswagon van!

    Give him all of our best!

  2. I will miss you all, more than I can say, when I get back to Berkeley. But I feel comfortable leaving Harry in such loving hands. He is so lucky to have such loving and caring family and friends... Mary

    1. Very, Very True Mary ,loving care for a lovely man.

  3. I agree with Harry. What does walking have to do with cooking?! Plus, bring the man his ingredients for God's sake if need be! Tracy Tellefsen

  4. P. S. Cookin' bedside with Harry. Whole new concept! Much love and blessings to you and your family, Starry. Tracy

  5. Hey Harry! It's Sarah! Hugs and kisses to you! I miss your wistling!!

  6. Harry, Bobby Phillips just advised how to reach you,it's been far to long and i'm glad to get in touch once again. When I think back i am reminded of the Great times at Hampton Beach,remember " she'll learn to cook and to sew,once more she'll love it I know,when she's a stay at home play at home 8:00 sleepy time gal" i only really have stayed in touch with Gerard,were now living in Basking Ridge , NJ and are in process of moving back to Atlanta at the end of February to be near our kids, Judie and I will be married Fifty years this July it does'nt seem a day over eighty. I just had Bob get in touch,i've not seen him in person in over 20 years. He's told me of your health challanges and we wish our prayers (they are more meaningful coming from a sinner like me). Well so glad to be in touch, i'm on facebook and direct on will track your blog and look forward to reading your progress,Gary gary s crawford

  7. Harry my friend. Did I ever tell you thanks for all your council to me? It means a lot. I hope to see you post on OB again. Take care, you're in my thoughts.

    Best to ya!

    George Karber

    PS; Fezz is looking for the lens stretcher again. I told him you had it last. ha!

  8. I guess I didn't press the right button, as usual. Your cold shower drove Gail and Me to St. Croix.

    Would like to have some of your cooking as opposed to some of the local stuff.
    We love and think of you each day

    Archie & Gail

  9. Hi Harry, great stuff reading your "blog", best wishes for a speedy recovery, we think of you every day and remember your big smiling face as it lit up our lives, .Your "Harryisms" are legendary,and I remember trying one out on you some time ago,and it went like :; a saying Mary's mother had about sons & their new girlfriends, " It took the mother 21 years to make a man out of him and she has made a fool out of him in 10 minutes ". Bye & god bless Harry.