Friday, February 22, 2013


Well, here we are………

Sorry it has been awhile since I have wrote. We have been going along here at Casa de Jilson with not much change, well, until recently…… My dad is no longer strong enough in body to be brought to his "heaven", so for now he is resting comfortably in his bed. He has also has less ability to talk and no longer eats, but he does hear you as you speak to him and feels your love that you send to him. I am at a loss to know what to write or say at this point, as all of us have very heavy hearts for the inevitable. I can tell you that he is not in pain, I can tell you that he is in a wonderful space, and I can tell you that his Angels are surrounding him,enveloping him, and he is embracing them and is ready for them to take him home. …..

It is interesting to me to find that he does not know the force of a soul that he has shown you all, me… He has not yet, nor ever realized that he is " a pretty big deal" to me, us, he is the most amazing person on the planet…. He is in awe of outpouring of love, support, friendship, and prayers from all of you, and has been quoted as saying " I don't get why everybody has said all these kind things, or have loved me the way they say they have"….. Well there you have it, the reason why we love him the way we do…. He never did it for any other reason, loved us, was our friend, there without question or reason, just was, because , well, "that is what you do"…. that is what he did.

Please pray , please pray he reaches out for his Angels that are reaching for him, please pray for our family………………

and please, ALWAYS smile when you think of Harry…

Much love to you all,



  1. Everything you say is so beautiful Thorie, so true, and I do and will always smile when I think of Harry. Thank you for including all of us who loved Harry in his journey. I am so sorry, to you, to Sue, your whole family. Love, Meredith

  2. Thorie, thank you so much for your beautiful posts during a difficult time. Please tell Harry that I think the world of him and feel very fortunate to have had him as a friend and moderator on OptiBoard. I miss his advice and input a lot.


  3. I sit here with tears, many tears. Both for the friend I have lost for a while and tears for feeling he has been relieved of all he has gone through.

    Archie Wilson III
    Gail Wilson
    Marlo Wilson
    Jocelyn Fassett