Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi Guys,
Sorry it has been awhile….. I guess that is good news as that shows there really is nothing new to report. Nemo found us and we were out of power for a few days, but in the end, Papa's "heaven" kept us all warm!!!

Today my dad is eating less, sleeping more and feeling a bit more weak everyday. But, no matter what, he still has that sparkle in his eyes, and a "Harryism" up his sleeve, times that you catch those you feel like everything is back to normal. Which, at this point, we all grasp to.

I hope you all continue to read the blog and leave your wisdoms for us to read and reflect upon. As always, thank you for the continued support, love and prayers, and remember to smile when you think of Harry !!!!!!

Warm regards,


  1. Well, Harryism person, it's getting cold here tonight so close the door up there. Hope you are watching golf. I am. Gives me renewed vigor to get out there when the days turn warm. try putting for a while inside so you will be ready for your good weather. always thinking of you. hope the power outage wasn't too severe. archie 111

  2. Luv you Harry Jilson!!!! I think of you everyday when I sit in your spot! That mirror above me will always be there to remind me of you and how much you all mean to us at Boston Eye Care Consultants!!!! Mary