Sunday, February 3, 2013


Super Bowl Sunday and there is a Comeback!!!

Hi guys, I know it has been a few days, but I want to make sure this blog stays interesting and fresh and not the same old doldrums of the day. The topic to start with today is Prison … My father very politely mentioned on Thursday that he was living in a prison, a nice one, but yet still a prison. I imaging that not leaving your everyday space would become exactly that after a while, so I get it… I will say though, Casa de Jilson is not your typical prison, there are no restrictions when it comes to visiting hours, the wardens offer wonderful snacks and beverages when you come and the only time you may be frisked is when you go to leave. Although, I would not let that deter you from visiting, as the junior warden only hits most people at the mid thigh with her height along with the only thing she is guarding is Papa's Smarties (his favorite candy), so most are safe!!!

We have got through the week unscathed and still are staying the course of Papa sitting in his "heaven" and not doing much more. Erik and his middle son Tristan came to visit on Friday and that gave my dad a huge smile on his face. Always a great sight for us to see. Erik will be here until this coming Friday but brought Tristan to the airport today to go back to Virginia, as he has school to attend to. The Super Bowl as you all know seemed uneventful and yet became a GAME in the last quarter and a half. Papa enjoyed most of it surrounded by his family, good friends,a plate full of Guacamole, Oysters and Kool-aid, and of course as ALWAYS Smarties, the super food of champions!!!!

At this point he is still resting comfortably, and always loves to see his friends and family. Please don't ever hesitate to call or come over. Your visits and conversation are always welcome even if he nods off at times during it!!! We continue to welcome your prayers, well wishes, comfort and love.

Please remember to Hold your loved ones close and ALWAYS smile when you think of Harry!!!



  1. john o'connellFebruary 8, 2013 at 8:20 AM

    Good Day Harry, glad to hear you are making progress, keep up the good work, as ever in our thoughts and prayers. The advertising slogan for our local supermarket here in Ennis , when they lower prices ever so slightly is "every little helps ", I think this applies to life in general also, Good Luck Harry,& keep well, Bye.

  2. Checking in on our friend and wishing him Valentine
    We love you Harry!
    Terri, Bob, Diane, Mary, Ted, Carolina and Sarah