Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Late Great Harry

Shortly after I published last nights blog entry, my amazing dad let his angels take him home. He was at peace, he had my mom and myself holding his hands and he felt the overwhelming amount of love and strength from all of you that have touched his life. He was not afraid to go, he was ready to go, and he welcomed his angels as he held his hands out to them throughout the evening. The abundance of well wishes and endearing words from all of you will continue to give us strength and we welcome any stories, anecdotes, thoughts or "Harryism's" you may want to leave here on the Blog……. I would like to eventually put together a keep sake with all of these memories.

My dad lived life to the fullest and never made any bones about that. He taught me the most valuable life lessons there are, most importantly, "You better like yourself, LOVE yourself, because in the end the one person you can always count is you" He believed you must always be a man of your word, "because that is all you have, your word"…..

He kept his to me all the way until the end, ….. He promised to not "leave" without saying goodbye….. he waited for me, and as I said last night, he was unresponsive, however around 5pm he looked at me and told me he was "going", that was his goodbye……

Today is hard, tomorrow and the days to follow will be too, but eventually the pain will lessen and the missing him will continue to grow. Keep us in your prayers, believe me they are felt and appreciated.

As ALWAYS smile when you think of Harry……..

Much love and warm regards,



  1. I came back from the Grand Canyon late last night only to read this sad news. While this was not unexpected, I find myself overwhelmed with grief. I put together this post but it does not do justice to the great human being that was Harry C. Jilson.

    My thoughts are with all of you. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

  2. I didn't have the honor of kowing your father, but I do have the honor of knowing you, and as Harry will live through you, I will get to know him. Peace, Tracy Tellefsen